Psychendoscope is a solo project that started operation in October 31, 2013 by Haruhito Kurono (a.k.a ISC.) psychendoscope meant "eye peering into the psyche", is a portmanteau of Psyche and Endoscope.


Psychendoscope does various depictions using various textures but it's a profound music which I'm pursuing the thing that is common to all the design. Profound Thoughtography - that's really the important thesis of my creations.



I decided to unleash my songs made over the 15 years after I woke up after my long slumber. I can't bear to die while I'm taking these songs all on myself. So I uncage to outside the songs and let them depart to world outside.


My purpose is to publish all the songs as an archive.

My purpose is to float these songs on the earth.


To decentralize and save to interhuman memories...

That's really the rightful place as storage of these songs.

Such being the case, I decided to begin music career as psychendoscope.



October 31, 2013 - ISC


Name: ꡐl (Kurono Haruhito) / as known as ISC

Instruments: Everything


Birthday :

Location :


October 16

Somewhere in Japan




Kurono was the leader of a band that became the predecessor of psychendoscope during 1998-2004. He begins to write draft reports of the solo project from 2007, and was groping the next musical style. In next year 2008, Kurono conceived the sound design that defining feature of psychendoscope's character, and erected the current style. In 2012, go online this website. And psychendoscope started the operation in October 31, 2013. (Kurono shut off creative activities during 2009-2011.)